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Stained, yellowed teeth can have a big impact on how others perceive you, and they can take a major toll on your self-confidence. As a leading dentist in Palmdale, CA, Dr. Sarkissian helps patients at Westside Dental Care remove stains and yellowing with the advanced ZOOM whitening system aimed at providing maximum brightness in just one office visit.

Tooth Whitening Q & A

What causes teeth to become discolored?

Most tooth discoloration is caused by the foods we eat and beverages we drink. Dark-colored berries, tomato sauce, coffee, tea and red wine are good examples of food and beverage products that can cause discoloration and yellowing. Using tobacco products including cigars, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco also causes significant staining. Deep discoloration is often caused by disease or trauma or as a result of long-term use of some medications. Staining and discoloration that occurs in the interior portion of a tooth often must be treated with a veneer or crown to hide the discoloration.

What is ZOOM whitening?

ZOOM whitening is a professional whitening system that uses a special light-activated gel to penetrate the tooth surface to remove stains. ZOOM is designed to provide dramatic results in a single visit, making it an ideal solution for patients who want to see a quick improvement in the appearance of their teeth.

What happens during a ZOOM whitening treatment?

ZOOM whitening treatment begins with an application of the light-activated gel to the visible surfaces of the teeth. A special mouth guard will be used to hold the lips back from the teeth so the light can reach all the tooth surfaces for more consistent results. Once the gel has been applied, the light will be directed at the tooth surfaces for a specific amount of time. The gel may be reapplied every 15 minutes or so during treatment to provide the most dramatic whitening. Most treatments take under an hour to complete. Some patients opt for additional treatments to achieve maximum whiteness and brightness.

Is ZOOM better than whitening kits I can buy in the store?

Absolutely. ZOOM is a professional product designed to reach deeper levels of the tooth surface for better, more consistent and longer-lasting results. The gel allows the entire tooth surface to be treated, and treatment can be adjusted to achieve the perfect level of whiteness based on each patient's preference. ZOOM whitening can be individualized for each patient, providing a custom result that's superior to the one-size-fits-all approach used in over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits.

Is ZOOM whitening safe?

Yes, the gel and the light-activation technique have been thoroughly tested and found to be perfectly safe for professional whitening treatments performed in a dental office.

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